Meet and Share @ Taiwan, 25 August 2018

TRVC will be meeting the community in Taiwan and share about what TRVC can do and what are the future roadmap of Trivechain and how Trivechain could change the world.

Event Title: Triple T (TMTG,TRVC,TideWallet) 如何使用區塊鏈改變世界?
Event Datetime: 2018-08-25 (Sat) 13:30~17:00 (GMT+8) Add To Calendar
Event Location: 台北市松山區敦化北路145巷12號2樓 (屋脊,靠近台北小巨蛋1號出口)
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Listing on Tideal, 22 August 2018

We are glad to announce that we will be listing on Taiwan based Cryptocurrency exchange, Tideal on the 22nd August 2018.

Sign up on and be ready before 22nd August.

TiDeal was founded in 2018 by the world’s leading digital asset exchange TideBit with Hong Kong-listed company Global Energy Resources International Group Ltd. (8192.HK). TiDeal is one of the few digital currency trading platforms launched by listed companies worldwide. It provides a showcase and distribution channel for quality blockchain assets and caters digital asset holders around the world with currency trading services such as Bitcoins, Ethereum, and other digital assets as the base currency.

TiDeal is designed by world-class security experts with an in-built robust surveillance system to monitor suspicious activity 24/7. While fully encrypting users stored information and securing digital assets with specialised technologies such as cold wallets and private key hot wallets, the distributed and multi-ledger system architectures and professional surveillance system is implemented to prevent theft of assets.

TiDeal believes simplicity, clarity and ease of use are the ultimate competition in digital asset trading facilities. TiDeal will eliminate the cumbersome procedures on digital asset management system and provide a complete functionality that will allow you to easily trade all digital assets.

TiDeal engineers focus on streamlining transaction efficiency. Our high-performance matching technology features highly-concurrent, low-latency and high-volume transactions, ensure that orders can be executed instantly and comprehensively, providing users with a 0.1-second advantage in the volatile market.

Listing on Ironex, 15 August 2018

We are glad to announce that we will be listing on Ironex on the 15th August 2018.

Sign up on and be ready before 15th August.

About Ironex

In order to make the future of virtual currency to replace national currencies as the main currency, Ironex team decided to create a virtual currency exchange trading platform for enthusiast. The main trading platform is Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.
What is it ?
Ironex is enter the foreign exchange market cryptocurrency modern service industry. It provides you with a comfortable, practical and useful platform, cryptocurrencies work – for beginners and experienced traders. Try it, you will soon realize the advantages of this system.
What for ?
Ironex is a convenient and affordable services, Buy and sell Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. Exchange, buy and sell like the traditional exchanges. Here, you’re just dealing with a new kind of money – virtual money, so you have more work space and a higher profit potential.
For whom?
Service is to give everyone – whether beginner or experienced senior players, in Ironex can try to unparalleled trading pleasure!Ironex create a glorious era of virtual currency。

Visit Us at Blockchain Economy Summit 2018 (Malaysia)

Trivechain is sponsoring Bloconomic 2018, one of the best Blockchain event globally.
There will be a serial of exciting events going on during the summit and don’t miss it! Participate in Bloconomic to witness our exciting progresses.

MOU Signing (Main Stage)
16th Aug – 10:10am

Keynote Session (Main Stage)
16th Aug – 1:50pm

Product Sharing (Main Stage)
17th Aug – 2:30pm

Trive Academy Sharing Session (Breakout Room)
16th Aug 2:30-3:30pm
17th Aug, 11-12pm.

Trivechain Booth (Exhibition)

16th Aug 8am – 17th Aug 5pm


Listing on BitRabbit, 1 July 2018

We are happy to announce that TRVC will be listing on Australia’s largest cryptocurrency exchange on 1 July 2018. The listing on Bitrabbit will give TRVC fluidity, enabling holders to buy, sell and exchange other major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum and Zcash.

Head over to to register an account before the trading starts.

About BitRabbit

BitRabbit Exchange is a platform offering its clients trading services of cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency derivatives on the market anytime, anywhere with top level of security, liquidity and experience.

The name of BitRabbit comes from the speed of change in blockchain industry. The desire of BitRabbit Exchange is to help its clients grow as fast as rabbits. BitRabbit Exchange is committed to providing smooth trading experience to its clients. A quick response to its clients at the first time is the commitment of BitRabbit.

BitRabbit team has many years’experience of finance, internet and blockchain technology. The expertise of veteran experts and top geniuses in the team of BitRabbit promise the stable services, leading trading experience to its clients. 

[RISK WARNING] Digital currency is a new social product that is still in its initial stage of development. There could be many risks in the market of digital currency trading (e.g. technical defects, price fluctuations etc.). Users should be fully aware of the investment risks. Established under the legal framework of Australia, BitRabbit is a neutral trading platform aiming to satisfy the trading demands of digital currency fans and is not liable for any review, warranty or compensation liabilities of the currency value.