[CCN] Dash Partners with Trivecoin to Usher in New Breed of dApps

Dash — the world’s top 14 Cryptocurrency with total market capitalization of USD1.8 billion — has just entered into a partnership agreement with TriveChain. The forward thinking partnership will allow Dash to integrate its payment system into BizStore, a blockchain market place powered by TriveChain. This integration will enable applications (BizApp) in BizStore to perform payment transactions not only using Trivecoin but with Dash coin also.

The intelligent integration of applications into a blockchain market like BizStore is a first of its kind to launch globally. Both Dash and TriveChain saw a great opportunity. WeChat — the Chinese messaging, social media and mobile payment app — generates billions of sales every year in BizStore. Through this innovative solution, app publishers would only have to pay a nominal fee with TriveCoin to list on BizStore, and enjoy higher profit margins, without having to incur the 30% sales commission that app publishers pay elsewhere.


[NullTX] Trivecoin – Cryptocurrency for the New Age

Blockchain technology along with the inception of Bitcoin is revolutionizing the way transactions are performed on the internet. In the past, there was no way to carry out a transaction online without going through a financial institution, as no method yet existed which could render the requirement of trust obsolete. In turn, financial institutions then imposed transactions fees for its services as a mediator. These fees coupled with the fact that transactions are always reversible, causes small casual transactions to be impossible. However, with the introduction of cryptocurrency, the role of financial institutions as a mediator in online transactions will soon be obsolete.

[BitcoinExchangeGuide] TriveChain Blockchain BizContracts Launches July 1

What Is TriveCoin?

Trivecoin is a core system for new businesses to enter the digital age by implementing blockchain-based technology and DAPPS (decentralized applications) through BizContracts.

Additional features include utilizing both Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake based algorithms in a hybrid fashion to increase security and sustainability, a rewards-based double-tier network known as Trive VIP Masternode Network (TVIP), ExclusiveSend which for increased user privacy protection and Direct Send, a decentralized instantaneous transaction system.