Listing on Tideal, 22 August 2018

We are glad to announce that we will be listing on Taiwan based Cryptocurrency exchange, Tideal on the 22nd August 2018.

Sign up on and be ready before 22nd August.

TiDeal was founded in 2018 by the world’s leading digital asset exchange TideBit with Hong Kong-listed company Global Energy Resources International Group Ltd. (8192.HK). TiDeal is one of the few digital currency trading platforms launched by listed companies worldwide. It provides a showcase and distribution channel for quality blockchain assets and caters digital asset holders around the world with currency trading services such as Bitcoins, Ethereum, and other digital assets as the base currency.

TiDeal is designed by world-class security experts with an in-built robust surveillance system to monitor suspicious activity 24/7. While fully encrypting users stored information and securing digital assets with specialised technologies such as cold wallets and private key hot wallets, the distributed and multi-ledger system architectures and professional surveillance system is implemented to prevent theft of assets.

TiDeal believes simplicity, clarity and ease of use are the ultimate competition in digital asset trading facilities. TiDeal will eliminate the cumbersome procedures on digital asset management system and provide a complete functionality that will allow you to easily trade all digital assets.

TiDeal engineers focus on streamlining transaction efficiency. Our high-performance matching technology features highly-concurrent, low-latency and high-volume transactions, ensure that orders can be executed instantly and comprehensively, providing users with a 0.1-second advantage in the volatile market.

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